Un module géré par deux personnes calmes, présentes à nous, avec une dimension humaine déconcertante qui nous guident dans leur univers avec simplicité et authenticité. Les exercices sont basés sur le ressenti… on peut pas tricher, ou fuir. C’est concret, chacun repart avec ses prises de conscience.



Participant d’une journée ‘Intelligence Emotionnelle’, Dijon, France

I would like to thank you for being our coach during the Design Thinking project. You offered an extremely insightful and new approach to tackling problems of today and I will definitely incorporate this into my career in the future. Incidentally, it also helped me to reconnect with myself  which I lost track of last year and would like to sincerely say that I am truly grateful for everything. I really appreciate all of it: from the meditation to the exercises done in class and how we went about it.

Rachael (Singapore), Design Thinking Worksop, BSB Dijon

Merci pour cette journée bouleversante et très émouvante.
C’est aussi au cours de cette journée qu’on se rend compte que les émotions ont une grande place dans notre vie et qu’il faut les accepter.

Participant d’une journée ‘Intelligence Emotionnelle’, Dijon

The King’s & Queen’s Play. Systemic Coaching. The Drama Triangle. Carl Jung’s idea of archetypes. Marshall Rosenberg, Neil Crofts, Simon Sinek, Eric Berne. All of this have been unknown names and concepts for me before I met Sabine. But joining her leadership seminar I did not only gain a lot of new insights and interesting ideas. Besides experiencing her as a highly qualified coach I also got to know her as a wonderful person who deeply moved me in a situation where I’ve been numbed with fear for the future. I was literally puzzling my head over but then I found the missing piece: trust. I’m really happy that I’ve met her and I’m looking forward to keep in touch.


Anna-Maria, Leadership seminar, Wiesbaden, Germany

Sabine et Pascal sont au Top !!! Pour moi l’accompagnement est fort important et ils permettent cet espace de confiance de par leur écoute, professionnalisme, non jugement et respect des participants.

Participante, Séminaire Intelligence Emotionelle, Besancon, France

Ce module est très enrichissant sur l’ensemble des points qu’il aborde. Il donne une approche différente sur la gestion de nos émotions et tous les exercices ont été utiles pour vivre pleinement la formation.

Participante, journée Intelligence Emotionnelle, Besancon, France

Ich habe an einem King’s Game in Deutschland teilgenommen. Das Seminar bietet eine wundervolle Erfahrung der Bewusstwerdung – was mir geholfen hat mein Leben klarer zu gestalten.

Fenny Lücker, entrepreneurship coach, Amsterdam

I’ve learned to play to the King’s game at the FACE summer school in Hanover with Sabine Mueller. It’s was a very useful game to understand how we act in our life. I’ve learned a lot about my goals in life and now know how to use the strengths of the others to work in a team and be complementary. Amongst others, it made me realise that I’m afraid of the unknown and now can work on this to feel better in my personal and professional life.

Juliette Dupré, France